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A Basic Income Guarantee is a plan based on the principle that everyone has the right to live.  A BIG is a government program to ensure every citizen's basic income security. All adult Americans would receive, without means, test, or work requirement, an income sufficient for food, shelter, and basic necessities.

Think of it as Social Security for all.

In plain, simple English, the book answers the toughest questions about an issue that would revolutionize the American way of life. The book is written in question-and-answer form. You can understand the whole thing in a few hours.

The book is filled with quotes from Jesus to Churchill to Woody Allen to emphasize the point on the page.


Frequently asked questions about the income book are answered here. Find out more about the concept of the book and what brought it about, it is a complex subject, and whether Basic Guarantee Income is a new idea, or if it is one that has been around.


"This book is a great idea -- brilliantly stated.  Some may think it's ultra-liberal.  I see it as true conservatism -- the right of income for all Americans sufficient for food, shelter, and basic necessities.  Or, what Jefferson referred to as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
       -- U.S. Senator George McGovern, 1972 Democratic Party Presidential Candidate
"Sheahen and I are as far apart on political philosophy and the causes of the nation's current mess as two people can be, but we both think that a basic income guarantee has to be part of the solution.  That says something about the potential of this important idea whose time, as we both hope, is coming.  Basic Income Guarantee will help make that happen."
       -- Charles Murray, author of In Our Hands: A Plan to Replace the Welfare State
"Basic Income Guarantee is a fascinating, lucid presentation of a complex subject.  Sheahen asks and answers the questions of what a just society should and could do to overcome income insecurity. Given our prolonged economic malaise, everyone in America should be thinking about it."
       -- Theresa Funiciello, author of Tyranny of Kindness and head of Social Agenda